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A strange but feels nice of this get together!!!Seems they all so relaxed!

Bentley Middle East

Its really funny!!!!But very nice watching at these shots!!!Lovely captures!!Haven't seen such a practice !!!


Just to translate some French positive comments
Je n avais jamais vu de tels vues....(i've never seen such a view)

Une ambiance très conviviale ou chaque petits groupes à sa propre activité. (A very casual ambiance where each group has their particular distraction or activity)

Une belle décontraction propice aux échanges..."literal translation"(a beautiful cordial relaxation in exchange (sharing)...

Spectaculaire le trio dans les cartons..."The trio in the box are spectacular"



so this is their social way of get together =)


This is terrific, this "wanting to be together" and gathering in such a basic way. Life at it's best, I would say.

Otto K.

wow, that's fascinating.

dodong flores

Exactly the same site I was seeing in this place nine years ago. Nothing had changed a bit...

You'll only see women here and the only males you would see here are Pakistanis and of other nationalities who are selling DVD's, coin purse, etc.

Nice photos as always...


Je n avais jamais vu de tels vues....


wow.. i never knew it was like this.. my mother worked there in HK as an OFW for sometime now but i wasn't able to visit her when she was there.. these are very nice captures.. :)


This series shows a fascinating aspect of culture. It's interesting that they prefer the sharing more than enjoying their home places. We have no comparative social grouping. An informative series of fine pictures.

Andrew Gould

A vibrant documentary series with very interesting background to it in your note.


off topic ... Congratulations on winning the 2009 Phil Blog awards - Best Foreign blog covering the Pinoy scene. You certainly deserve the recognition :)


it's kind of sad but funny and touching too: i guess it helps them unwind and laugh and relax after a long, tough week. excellent, sidney.


Another thing I noticed is the ladies all seem to be "well fed". Good nutrition in HK?

Sassy Mom

I remember when we were in Singapore, I had a picture taken with Filipino OFW. Nice photos!


This is soooooo cool! I loved reading about how they spend their day. You would never find people in the states doing that, (well except for park).

I really enjoyed reading and seeing the photos. thanks.


The first time I visited HK, this was one place I had in my itinerary. When I got there one Sunday, I stayed for a while and talked with a few of them. It's a great feeling to be able to bond with your kababayan abroad. I was also surprised to find out that the local vendor knew how to speak Tagalog.

I just hope that they leave the place clean when they go home at the end of the day.


Une ambiance très conviviale ou chaque petits groupes à sa propre activité.


The last photo of those 3 women in a box is really amusing.

Congratulations again for being the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Best Foreign Blog! My wife and I are lucky to meet the man behind these wonderful photo series. We wish it won't be our last meeting. You're treating us for lunch, right? Kidding!
Continue inspiring all of us as you capture the best of the Filipino culture. Mabuhay, Sidney Snoeck!


This is like a family event!Luv that hair salon shot it's so pinay to me lol


Une belle décontraction propice aux échanges...


That's really amazing. It's like block party. What a neat idea.


It's amazing how they have so much fun with it...and that the city is not giving them a hard time.


A Fil/Am friend of mine who lived in HK for a time described this scene to me. I'm happy you captured the colors, the happiness and the mood in pictures.

God bless them.


I like people in these boxes :)) ha ha That is so happy and cute :)

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